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About Aholic
After having seen, for more than two decades in the digital marketing business, how brands are hurt by having to use advertising techniques that annoy and bother, giving up control to social media, affiliate marketers and influencers and to use uncontrollable algorithms and red prices to entice more sales – the founders of Aholic decided to create, together with the fashion industry, something new and better that gives back the control and profits to the brands (and at the same time relive the consumers from obtrusive and privacy violating advertising).

Aholic is a mobile discovery platform for fashion that let the users have complete control of what they see – ensuring that the brands contributing to Aholic only connects with interested consumers and at a time when they are truly focused.

Brands easily create posts for the Aholic app online in the Contributor Console, and fashion interested consumers just as easily create their personal feeds in the iOS/Android Aholic App.

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